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Our Trade Hounds Ambassadors

(June 2019)

Devin Remaklus

Dan Murphy

Brandon Lewis

Casey Howell

Devin is an Electrician in Coldwater, Ohio.

"There isn’t to many young people out here anymore willing to learn a trade of even work, unlike myself. I’m 22 and a single dad. I was taught by my grandfather that work makes the man and I’m a firm believer in that. I want to show my son that being in a trade is a great choice and that there are way more options then just going to college or working in a factory."

Brandon works in the Water industry in Lakewood, California.

He has been spreading the word about Trade Hounds and is excited to continue it!

" I believe that we as tradesmen / and trades-women we make the world go round."

Dan is a Master Finish Carpenter in Goose Creek, South Carolina. 

"I have spent more than 20 years in my trade. I have gone from the bottom as a laborer in a framing crew to fine custom finish millwork in multi million dollar homes up and down the east coast. Every day I push myself to the best. Keeping America beautiful one house at a time."


Casey is a Plumber/Mechanical in Canot, Arkansas.

" I love the app and will continue to spread the word. I’m usually on it at break, lunch, etc and when I show others on the job some of the work posted they become interested."

Jeffery is a Glazier in Holderness, New Hampshire. He has been supporting Trade Hounds on big jobs while talking to people from different trades. Jeffery is actively participating in sharing feedback and giving insights back to the developers.

Jeffery S Manion

Chester is an Electrician in Lynchburg, Virginia.

"I truely believe this is the best platform for real, red blooded Americans of every race and gender to share their experiences and compassion for the trades without feeling ostracized by those who don’t care or understand."

Chester Brockwell III

Heath is a GC in Arnold, Pennsylvania.

"We are going to run out of good hard working you g men and women who work well with thier HANDS and minds. I like to put the word out that you don't need a college degree you can't afford to make an awesome and rewarding living. I see Trade Hounds as a way to help the you get generation learn from the older generation."

Sawyer is a Superintendent in Hamilton, Ohio.

"I work for American trademark construction and we travel all the time out of town! Before I was a site superintendent, I was a heavy equipment operator. I’m young and I have a ton of ambition and fire in my stomach to work my ass off and continue to grow as a it’s super!"

Heath Van Why

Sawyer Zinn

Dan is a Plumber in Macedonia, Ohio.

"I joined the trades as a plumber apprentice. And have been paving my way towards my journeyman plumbing I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of experience and I hope after my apprenticeship is done I can teach young men willing to work hard the plumbing trade."

Dan Streb

Brandon is a Carpenter in Streamwood, Illinois.

"I do anything from landscaping.. to instailing playgrounds, to concrete work, drywall, you name it ill figure out how to do it. also i work at home depot and in the future will be a buisness manager."

Brandon J Beto

Andrew is an Electrician in Pensacola, Florida.

He is passionate about his work and communicating with people.

"I have a strong work ethic and I am committed to good workmanship."

Andrew Kirves

Jayce works at the railroad in Salem, New Hampshire. He has been actively spreading the word about Trade Hounds.

"I love the support everyone gives to each other on the app. I love that is only tradesmen because we all know we are our own kind of species."

Jayce Humes

Become a Trade Hounds


We’re looking for proud tradespeople across America to help us spread the word about Trade Hounds. It’s easy – write to Big Dog and tell us HOW YOU WILL HELP TRADE HOUNDS TO GROW! (See below for details)

Space is limited, so get on it!

We appreciate your support – we built Trade Hounds for you.

Big Dog

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Trade Hounds Ambassador Program

We take this very seriously and only want the top dogs to represent our brand! You should be passionate about your craft and Trade Hounds.

Big Dog will be hand picking hounds a month to become ambassadors.

  • Write an essay telling us why YOU should become an Ambassador
  • Will you do the below Ambassador's duties?
  • If yes, then start writing an essay and Big Dog will personally pick those who qualify to be ambassadors.

  • Tell your buddies in your crew, company, union etc. about Trade Hounds
  • You will receive Trade Hounds gear to wear on site
  • We will send you the stickers, pencils, etc. to hand out 
  • We will announce monthly missions with some awesome rewards 

  • YOU are growing and giving back to the industry that you love, the trades! 
  • YOU could get rewarded with the awesome Trade Hounds gear. 
  • YOU will get the chance to win free gear from our tool and work wear partners. 

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